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February 16 
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Short Courses:
Are You a New Golfer? Need a Quick Round of Golf? We've Got You Covered. Check out these fun 9-hole TeeMaster facilities:
- Baker National Evergreen
- Birnamwood
- Brookland
- Brookview Par 3
- Glen Lake GC
- Halla Greens GC
- New Hope Village GC
- Orono GC

New Member Courses!
- Chomonix GC
- Dwan GC
- Halla Greens
- New Hope Village
- Pebble Creek GC
- Pebble Creek 9
- Silver Bay GC

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Do you have a wireless web phone?

Now you can make tee times 24 hours a day — from anywhere your phone takes you!

Here's a quick FAQ for Wireless Web users!

How do I get to TeeMaster.com on my Wireless Web phone?
Just enter teemaster.com on your phone's mini-browser. If you're used to entering long URLs to reach other sites, you don't have to do that with TeeMaster. Our server will recognize that you're using a Web-enabled phone, and we'll get you to the proper location. It's that easy!

Then, bookmark the TeeMaster.com site, so you won't need to enter the URL again!

What can I do from my phone?
Much of what you can do from the TeeMaster.com Internet site, you can do from your phone. You can book tee times, search our nationwide database of courses, review or cancel your existing reservations, even register from scratch. Plus, our Wireless Web course searches offer local weather forecasts and driving directions!

What does the interface look like?
Here's the main screen. Yours probably will look slightly different, depending on pixel size and character limits, but that's the basic interface. All the options we mentioned above are right on the main screen.

What if I have problems?
Call the TeeMaster Wireless Web User Hotline at 952-543-6600, or send us an e-mail. One of our Wireless Web specialists will help you get the information you need.

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