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June 22 
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The One Putt Strut by Glen Everhart


$16.00 plus tax and shipping.
Now, you can get your own copy of "The One Putt Strut"! The One Putt Strut is a collection of eleven original golf novelty songs by Glen Everhart. Mixing Blues, rock, folk, country, and even reggae styles with witty and sometimes hilarious lyrics, this recording is sure to please golfers of all skills and ages. A "can't miss" gift for all golfers in your life...order yours today!

Order Online Now!

Listen to samples of the songs (Windows Media Player Required):

1. The One Putt Strut

2. Golfin' in Paradise

3. Golf is Such an Easy Game

4. Be the Ball

5. My Friend Mulligan

6. Slackin' & Hackin'

7. Welcome to the Big Tour

8. The Chance to Shoot His Age

9. The Dream

10. The Baney Open

11. Trouble in the Gorse

Order Online Now!

You can order online by clicking on the above links or call 952.525.1100.
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